Senior Web UX/UI Designer

The Role

As a Senior Website Designer you will actively participate in the design and development of websites and applications to support our clients online business objectives. You will work closely with clients, account managers and front and back end developers to craft stunning, user-centric web/mobile interfaces.


Main responsibilities

  • Overall responsibility for understanding user and clients business requirements and converting them into appealing, highly usable web interfaces
  • Create meaningful design deliverables such as storyboards, sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes that effectively communicate design ideas
  • Revise and improve designs based on user feedback, research, technical constraints, business decisions.
  • Drive and support your ideas all the way through the successful launch of a project
  • Design interfaces that work across a wide range of devices
  • Continually improve existing websites and mobile applications while maintaining the consistency across different brands
  • Have a n excellent understanding of marketing communications and messaging



  • Have a creative vision that you can naturally apply to the digital user interface
  • Ability to devise beautiful design solutions for a diverse range of clients and sectors
  • A minimum of 5 years' experience as a Website/App/UI/UX designer
  • Experience designing for customer facing products for cross-platform environments
  • Solid understanding of usability and visual design principles
  • Comfortable designing responsive websites/apps from wireframe to production
  • Excellent Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch skills are required
  • An in depth knowledge of current and future trends, design patterns. HTML5, css3.
  • Positive attitude, and to enjoy the working day (almost) as much as the team nights out
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • eCommerce design experience is plus
  • HTML, CSS experience is a plus
  • Strong portfolio is a must

Who are you?

  • Comfortable in your ability to communicate and draw out key information from users and clients who are unsure of what they need.
  • You can get to the heart of a problem quickly and lead the client and the team to a solution.
  • You can plan and lead collaborative research and design activities.
  • You speak and write clearly and engagingly.
  • Have a deep understanding of how people interact with websites and apps on various devices and instances.
  • Should be able to present genuine case for their design, backed up by user trends, statistics and analysis.



Continually seeking out interesting new design examples and ideas. Its means sharing your own expertise and know-how with others. It means learning from other design disciplines, such as architecture, industrial design or software design. It means attending Web and UX/UI design talks, conferences and get togethers in order to learn from other designers. Above all it means continually building and refining the skills and characteristics that make a really good UX/Ui designer and putting these into practice as much as possible

Who is BrandX?

BrandX is a full-service digital agency working with some of Ireland's leading companies

We are a new breed of wide-scope agency that understands the importance of creating stunning solutions across the vast sea of today‚Äôs media channels. 

We are..

  • Highly creative and motivated by design perfection yet focused on accessibility, suitability and usability.
  • Used to working within strict corporate guidelines and processes
  • End-to-end digital agency covering user experience, app and website development, multi-channel Ad campaigns and CRM.
  • Results driven - we understand the importance of KPIs and work with you to ensure you see a clear return of investment. Our digital solutions are trackable traceable and accountable
  • A highly efficient, procedure-based production team with fully transparent project management and costing.
  • Constantly trying to improve